Safety &Security

We Provide the Highest Standards of Safety and Security for your children

Our buildings have been specifically designed with children in mind. They combine the friendly atmosphere of home with an educational environment. Being purpose built means that there is safety; no low sockets, no sharp corners, child safe doors and windows, a secure entrance system and a well equipped kitchen.

We provide the highest standard of safety and security. All our equipment is carefully selected and maintained, and the premises are regularly inspected.

Smoke detectors are fitted throughout the building, and the three main rooms have doors opening directly into the garden.
Every member of staff is fully trained in First Aid, and able to recognise symptoms of childhood illness including meningitis.

There is a very large and completely secure outdoor play area at the back of each nursery and convienient parking just out the front to enable you to drop off and collect your child.

The only access into each nursery is through the front doors, the inner set being controlled by an electronic latch. Closed circuit security cameras (CCTV) are installed throughout each nursery for the security of your child and your piece of mind. Everyone entering and leaving the building is recorded on video.